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Old World Steak House Traditions live on at the internationally acclaimed Whaling Station, perched just above Steinbeck’s Cannery Row... more
The Whaling Station knows how to plan a party! Whether its a birthday bash for 12 or a corporate dinner for 85 guests, we will make it an event you’ll long remember! more
THE BAR at The Whaling Station has its own menu and its own local following, with drink specials, small bites, and lively conversation served nightly... more
Monterey county’s #1 Steak House
For Over 40 years
786 Wave Street,
Just Above Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, Monterey California...
Whaling Station , 763 Wave Street, Monterey, California 93940 • (831) 373-3778
The Bar
The Restaurant
The Parties
The Beef
The Beef

We want you to know that the meat you’ll select for your meal at The Whaling Station is not an ordinary cut of beef. In fact, it is the world’s finest. Our chef has come to believe the tastiest beef is a combination of: breeding; feeding; aging process; and preparation. He presents to you this ideal combination, right here at the world famous Whaling Station. This has been confirmed by our judges, over one million diners.

Our sources are under continuous scrutiny, as is each individually selected side of beef. Upon “making the cut,” these premium finds are then trucked to the restaurant where our chef prepares them. There’s no cooking method that can generate the depth of flavor of a Whaling Station aged piece of meat.In fact, we know of no where else will you find such dedication to the perfection of your meal.

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763 Wave Street,
Just Above Steinbeck’s Cannery Row,
Monterey, California
(831) 373-3778

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Open 7 Days A Week
at 4:30pm for Cocktails
Dinner Service
begins at 5pm